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Our Member Organizations Are:

Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission

Episcopal Asiamerica Ministry Advocates
EEpiscopalians on Baptismal Mission

Episcopal Church Publishing Company 
Episcopal Network for Economic Justice 
Episcopal Peace Fellowship 
Episcopal Urban Caucus 
Episcopal Women's Caucus 

Union of Black Episcopalians 

The Consultation is a collaboration of progressive organizations within the Episcopal Church that partner to work for social justice. Before every triennial General Convention, we come together to develop a platform that will guide our shared advocacy and goals.  

ISSUES, now the newsletter of the Consultation, first appeared as a daily commentary on events at the 1967 General Convention. Conceived in the living room of the late theologian William Stringfellow, ISSUES began as a voice for three organizations concerned for the mission and renewal of the Church; the Church Society for College Work, the Overseas Mission Society, and the National Industrial Mission. At succeeding General Conventions, a shifting group of organizations and movements in the Church have banded together to create ISSUES and to collaborate on a common commitment to call the Church to its witness in the name of Christ.