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80th General Convention 

Each General Convention, we, The Consultation, endorse select candidates who are running for election. The endorsement process has been in place since The Consultation has existed. We strive to be fair in our process. For positions other than the President and Vice President of the House of Deputies, we send an email to all candidates asking if they seek The Consultation endorsement. If they do, they are to email us, and we then send them a questionnaire. Once they fill out a questionnaire, the answers are sent to The Consultation’s endorsing committee, compiled and reviewed. The endorsing committee consists of two people from each member organization, one of whom must be a deputy to General Convention. This endorsing committee meets, reviews the questionnaires, and then endorses candidates who share our beliefs in creating a just society, a Beloved Community. For the President and Vice President of the House of Deputies, a select group from The Consultation interviewed each candidate, using the same questions for each. Each interview was approximately one hour. Prior to the interview, we reviewed their profile information and watched each of the candidate forums. The select group then brought their observations to the endorsing committee, which was two representatives from each member organization. This endorsing committee then voted for the candidate for President and Vice President who we felt would work best with The Consultation to move the Church towards a just society.

The Consultation has endorsed the following candidates


For President of the House of Deputies: Ryan Kusumoto

For Vice President of the House of Deputies: Rachel Taber-Hamilton

For Executive Council


Rafael Morales


Dianne Audrick Smith

Annette Buchanan

Tivaun Cooper

William Fleener Jr.

Scott Haight

Joe McDaniel Jr.

Sandra Montes



Joseph Clavijo III

Charles Graves


For Trustees of the Church Pension Fund


David Alvarez

Brendan Barnicle

Gawain de Leeuw

Cynthia Kittredge

Kevin Lindahl

John McCray-Goldsmith

Sandra McPhee

Guy Patterson

Brian Prior

Sandye Wilson


For Court of Review


Laura Russell


Elisa Kirby

Tracie Middleton

Christopher Wendell

For Disciplinary Board for Bishops


Christopher Wendell


For Trustee of the General Theological Seminary


Noreen Duncan

T. James Kodera

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