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The Consultation announces the following endorsements for various offices and boards (PHOD and VPHOD endorsements will follow in the next few days). 


We thank the many people who took the time to respond so thoughtfully to our questionnaire. Our longstanding policy is that we only endorse those who respond to our questions, and our endorsement committee representing each of our organizations read each response carefully. We pray for all the nominees and for our wise collective discernment as a House of Deputies.

Office of PHOD 

Zena Link 

Office of VPHOD

Rev. Ruth Meyers, PhD


Executive Council – Lay Order

Grecia Christian Reynoso (elected)

Gerlene Gordy (elected)

Heidi Kim (elected)

Laura Russell (elected)

Katie Sherrod (elected)


Executive Council – Clergy Order

Eric Metoyer

Rhonda Rogers


Court of Review – Lay

Grecia Christian Reynoso (elected)

Sharon Henes (elected)

Laura Russell (elected)

Matthew Taylor (elected)


Court of Review – Clergy Order - Deacon

Margaret Thor (elected)


Court of Review – Clergy Order - Priest

Mariclair Partee Carlsen (elected)

Marisa Tabizon Thompson (elected)


Disciplinary Board for Bishops – Lay

Nathan Brown (elected)

Alan Murray (elected)


Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of a Presiding Bishop – Lay

Brandon Beck (elected)


Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of a Presiding Bishop – Clergy

Carolyn Foster (elected)

David Jackson  (elected)

Alyssa Stebbing

Deborah White


Trustees of the Church Pension Fund

Michael Barlowe (elected)

Billy Boyce (elected)

Sam Candler (elected)

Alexizendra Link (elected)

Yvonne O’Neal (elected)

Samuel Reckford

Austin Rios (elected)

Geoffrey Smith

Linda Watt (elected)

Molly Weiss (elected)

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