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Haven’t heard of us?  That’s understandable.  We’re an organization of organizations.  We don’t have individual members.  We bring together the progressive groups in The Episcopal Church.  The Consultation doesn’t set priorities for its member organizations but we look for ways to help each other reach our goals.  Our focus is on the General Convention every three years.  We’ve been doing this since 1985 and most of the remarkable progress our church has made since then has been a result of the mutual assistance and sharing of perspectives that the Consultation has encouraged.  The challenges remain and may be even more daunting.  The Episcopal Church needs the Consultation.  We are more effective together.

May 3, 2022


Dear Friends,
General Convention is fast approaching and we at the Consultation are busy getting ready by working together more closely than ever before. While some people may assume that having an inviting booth is what we do at convention, that is not our principal focus. What we do and have been doing since 1985 is mostly not visible, though we make no secret about our process. Indeed, this year we will be having meetings on alternate nights that will be open to all.
We work to support resolutions that promote a progressive agenda for our beloved church. Linked below is a brief look at some of the legislation we will be working on in consultation with one another. Also linked below is our Platform letting you know what criteria we use to evaluate resolutions.
As you will recall, since you were subscribed in Austin for the digital version of our newsletter, ISSUES, we work to get you news and opinion pieces on the issues facing the convention. With the general turn to digital communications and increasing limitations on handing out paper documents at General Convention (and ultimately to save money and trees!), we will be producing ISSUES primarily in digital form this year. This will still require funds to support a small team on the ground in Baltimore as well as help in distributing ISSUES as a digital publication via social media and email.
We are writing to you, even those of you won’t be with us in Baltimore in July, because this is the only digital list we have. In past years the General Convention Office has supplied us with both email and “snail mail” addresses for all Bishops, Deputies and Alternates. Because of privacy concerns, no addresses are being supplied this year. Consequently, we ask you to do two things to help us. First, share this letter, particularly the links, with your deputation. Second, if possible, please give a donation, either electronically at the link below or by mailing a check to the address below.
If you won’t be with us in Baltimore, please keep the Church in your prayers. 

Laura Russell              
Deputy, Newark            

Sarah Lawton
Deputy, California
(Chair after GC) 

See the Consultation's Platform

See the Consultation's priority resolutions

See the Statement from the Deputies of Color Endorsing The Report of The Presiding officers Working Group on Truth Telling, Healing & Reckoning 




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